Horrible case of animal abuse: pit bull is set on fire

Horrible case of animal abuse: pit bull is set on fire

A horrifying case of animal abuse, and the abuser is still at large.

He is accused of setting his dog on fire in Montgomery, Alabama.

Named for the famous fashion designer, Louis Vuitton isn't looking his best.

He's really in the fight for his life. The pit bull is in and out consciousness as it's treated for severe burns.

The doctors and the staff feel real good about the recovery. It's just going to  be a long road.

Louis' story is also getting noticed on the internet. His caretakers posted online video, showing exactly what happened to Louis allegedly at the hands of his owner at his own home.

When the Montgomery Humane Society arrived on the scene, they say the dog had also been beaten and tied up all because a 20 year old couldn't use the family car.

When he was refused---he beat the dog,  doused it with lighter fluid, and lit a match.

Humane Society Director, Stephen Tears, says a warrant has been issued for the man's arrest, but so far, he's still at large.

Tears said, "it's deplorable what he did and if he's not arrested, prosecuted and delt with, we'll see him again in a few years and it might be a person next time. We just want everybody to keep him in his prayers."

Meanwhile, Louis is at an undisclosed clinic undergoing a grueling treatment of  creams, anti-biodics and pain medication. But doctors say if his disposition is any indication, he'll recover. He's wagging his tail, eats out of  hands, wants to get up in laps, even with the pain he is going through.

If you want to help, log on the Montgomery Humane Society's web site, at www.montgomeryhumane.com