Honor flight does so much more for one Valley man

Honor flight does so much more for one Valley man

Another group of Valley veterans is back from a whirlwind visit to our nation's Capitol over the weekend.

The Tennessee Valley Honor Flight went to Washington, D.C. Saturday to see the World War II memorial.

WAFF 48 News Anchor Lee Marshall flew with honorees and has one veteran's family reunion story.

It was a trip 62 years in the making for a Toney solider.

Honor Flight gave Hamlin Caldwell a chance to see his memorial, and have a date with his granddaughter neither will ever forget.

Like many World War II veterans, Caldwell will share a war story or two when asked.

His granddaughter, Mary Catherine, hangs on his every word.

"I served as quartermaster, I spent 2 years in Calcutta, India, we were supplying the troops in Burma."

He was 21 when he went in and today he's 86.

"This is the first time I've got to see the memorial, but I'm so happy to be here with my granddaughter, right here!"

Mary Catherine Caldwell, lives in Washington.

She has had this date with her grandfather set for months.

"We were just looking at the monument and saying 'did you ever think when you were 24 years old that you would be sitting here with your granddaughter right now at a memorial like this?' It's a pretty wonderful moment to share."

A moment, neither will forget for the rest of their lives.