Lawmaker's arrest rant caught on tape!

Lawmaker's arrest rant caught on tape!

A Tennessee Lawmaker, caught on tape, and accused of breaking the drunk-driving laws he helped to write.

What a difference two days make.  Representative Rob Briley, quiet and presentable.

Next day, Rob Briley flunking a roadside sobriety test.

Briley : "ahhhh!!!"

Police: "Calm down a second, be a man, would ya?"

Briley : "ahhhhhhh!!!"

Briley was reportedly clocked -- speeding through Watertown Saturday afternoon.

When police hit the blue lights, he sped up to 100 miles an hour - then stopped - got out and put his hands in the air.

He refused to take a breath test. The police found an empty bourbon bottle in his Nissan.

Briley - in the back of the patrol car - becomes abusive and irrational.

"You're not American, are ya? you're a German. What is my charge, officer? You're all Nazi's."

He also appears despondent about a pending divorce.

"Take me out in the woods and shoot me in the head. Make it easier on everybody."

A life destructing on videotape. Briley now faces charges not only from the chase and DUI arrest, but from a hit-and-run earlier Saturday afternoon in Wilson County where he reportedly rammed his Nissan into the back of another vehicle.

The family inside wasn't hurt, but no one can say the same about Briley's career.

Briley is the Chairman of the Tennessee House Judiciary Committee.

The Committee is slated to take up drunk driving legislation later this year.

Click on the above link to watch video of Briley's rant.