Operation Clean Sweep Update: Main target arrested in presence of small child

Operation Clean Sweep Update: Main target arrested in presence of small child
Angela Snow
Angela Snow

One week after more than 350 people were taken into custody, the primary target during the "Operation Clean Sweep" has been arrested while a small child sat nearby.

Authorities caught Christopher Alan Wright, 38, yesterday afternoon around 2:00 pm. on several warrants.

Wright had been avoiding police ever since the major crackdown on drugs and gangs began.

He was taken into custody without incident on Whitten Road in Douglas by officers of the Albertville Police Department, Douglas Police Department, The Marshall County Sheriff's Department and the United States Marshal's Office.

Wright is currently being held in the Albertville City Jail on the following charges: Distribution of a controlled substance, probation revocation with additional charges of possession of a controlled substance (Meth Ice), possession of drug paraphernalia and a felony endangering the welfare of a child charge.

Wright was not the only person inside of the house during the take-down.

Angela Juanice Snow, 28, was with him and she faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Snow will be transferred to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department after she is released from the Albertville Police Jail.

The Department of Human Resources was called in to investigate the welfare of a child, who was present during the arrests.

The five-county operation began early last week with checkpoints and resulted in 355 arrests.

The FBI says this is the largest operation, with the most arrests, in recent U.S. history.

Without warning, more than 40 federal, state and local authorities converged on DeKalb and Marshall counties.

Of those arrested, authorities say it's impossible to know just how many have gang ties. But they say the impact will be far reaching.

Authorities expect more arrests to follow.