2007 Special Olympics


On October 2, 2007 (rain date October 4th), over 300 special athletes from the Madison County Area will meet at Milton Frank Stadium to participate in the 40th annual Special Olympics Track and Field Events.

Special Olympics is an athletic and recreational program for the mentally-retarded, co-sponsored by the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.  Our primary purpose is to improve the self-confidence of the children and adults participating; an improved self-concept can have a positive effect on all aspects of one's life.

Special Olympics stresses the importance of finishing an event and trying one's best.  Athletes from 8 to 65 years will participate, and each one will receive a hug and hear "good job" or "congratulations" following each individual's effort.  Every athlete will also be awarded a ribbon no matter what place he or she finished in any given event.  There are never any losers, only winners.

United Space Alliance is coordinating this event for the 23rd year with help from the Huntsville City Schools, Madison County Schools, Madison City Schools and the Opportunity Center.  Approximately 600 volunteers (comprised of US Army and a variety of local businesses) will be on hand to make this a great and memorable event.

For more information please contact Joni Haas at 256-544-8352.               .

The Opening Ceremonies begin at 9:30 and the games conclude at 1:30.