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Fred Thompson makes official bid for Presidency

Fred Thompson is in Iowa today, his first official day on the campaign trail. He made the announcement last night on The Tonight Show.

Then at 12:01 this morning he released his full campaign message on his web site, highlighting the general principles for which he stands:

"In 1994, when I first ran I advocated the same common sense conservative positions that I hold today. They're based on what I believe to be sound conservative first principles reflecting the nature of man and the wisdom of the ages that based upon the conviction that our declaration of independence and our constitution are not outdated documents that have outlived their usefulness. It's a recognition that our basic rights come from God and not from government. That government should have its power divided not only at the federal level but between the federal government and the states. Federalism is the belief that not every problem should have a federal solution. Essentially it's about freedom - a government that's big enough to do everything for us is powerful enough to do anything to us."

The 65-year-old Thompson has had a multi-faceted career as a prosecutor, lobbyist, actor and U.S. Senator from Tennessee.


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