No opposition to new shooting range

No opposition to new shooting range

A new firing range is open in North Alabama.

The Fort Payne City Council modified its firearms ordinance to allow a skeet shooting range inside city limits.

WAFF 48'S Eric Sollman has more from Fort Payne.

A shower of shot gun shells signals that this shooting range is open for business.

Gun enthusiasts pull the trigger to test their aim at the new north Alabama Sporting Clays Skeet Range in Fort Payne.

"This is good, clean family entertainment, we won't have any alcohol on the premises."

One- hundred, sixteen acres of fun for shooters to discharge their devotion. But the range initially drew opposition based on its location next to the County Health Department and Briarwood Apartment Complex.

Tenants were originally worried about how close their complex is to the range, but so far management says it hasn't been a problem and at least one resident would agree.

"You really can't hear it, you hear the highway more than anything."

"I think some of the residents originally anticipated that we would have a lot of noise here, but because the way the land lays and how the course is located, there's virtually no noise that's reaching other areas."