New Market man found dead inside his truck

New Market man found dead inside his truck

The Madison County Sheriff's Department is looking for a murder suspect.

A man was found dead in a newer model pick-up truck off Buddy Williamson Road in Madison County early Wednesday afternoon.

State troopers were the first to arrive on the scene initially they thought they were handling a wreck, but it turned out they were dealing with a homicide investigation.

For the next several hours, Madison County authorities made this area their crime scene, trying to figure out why someone would want to kill the man behind the wheel.

Emergency crews lined the county road.

Upon a further examination, responders discovered bullet holes to the exterior of the truck.

Brent Patterson, who is the lead investigator on the case, says, "They found the victim inside the truck with multiple gunshots to the truck."

Investigators believe the man was traveling westbound and gunshots caused him to go off the road.

Patterson says, "We're following up leads. We're talking to people. We have a lot of men out there working including myself."

If you have any clues which can help investigators, please call the Madison County Sheriff's Department.