Crimestoppers: Breaking a sign, and the law

Crimestoppers: Breaking a sign, and the law

Have you seen those electronic message boards that law enforcement places along the roads?

They tell you to slow down, buckle up, stay safe.

Well, someone didn't read one, they wrecked it.

A senseless "sign of the times" in this week's WAFF Crimestoppers report.

Sign, sign everywhere a sign.

Do this, don't that, can't you read the sign?

It seems like those electronic signs are everywhere.

There used to be one of those signs here on Highway 72 and Chapman Mountain.

Notice I said "used" to be?

It's not there anymore.

I don't know what it said, but it should have said "Keep your hands off or you'll be in a lot of trouble".

Sometime over the weekend of August 10th through the 12th, some unknown offenders did extensive damage to a sign here.

It's called criminal mischief.

Now these signs are obviously valuable to law enforcement, valuable in more ways than one.

Someone did in excess of $10,000 worth of damage to a sign something like these.

If you know who did it, here's your sign.

Call 53-Crime.

You'll remain anonymous and you could earn up to a thousand dollars in reward money.

With each call to 53-Crime, Crimestoppers continues to "ring up" the Valley's Wanted.

Kelvin Lanier Green, Sr. has been arrested for burglary.

Robert Clyde Johnson has been arrested for theft by deception.

He's also a wanted man in Kentucky.

He'll be extradited there when he's finished here.

And Kimberla Tyler Thomas has been arrested for robbery.

Emery Leonard Scott, Jr. is wanted for allegedly assaulting his victim with a rock and kicking him and punching him on the ground.

Angela Marie Williams is also wanted for assault.

And Alex Dewayne Roberson is a convicted sex offender who's wanted for allegedly moving without notifying authorities.

This week a big Crimestoppers salute goes out to 20th Century Fox, Hiwaay Internet Services and the Men's Fraternal Order of Eagles #3263.