Students get access to innovative technology

Students get access to innovative technology

More Alabama schools are going high-tech. Alabama connecting classrooms, educators and students statewide, or ACCESS, continues to grow.

Albertville High School is just one of a 100 schools statewide that will soon offer web-based and interactive video- conferencing.

Albertville has participated in the state's access program for 2 years,  but it was strictly web- based. Now they're combining that with live video.

The students are already taking advantage of access, web- based distance learning classes from other schools across the state. Classes not currently offered at Albertville High.

"The first year I did Latin one, then this year instead of doing Latin two, I started the German which I was a little more interested in".

Albertville, along with 99 other schools, will get 85- thousand dollars to upgrade the existing system with live video and audio. At Albertville High, that should happen by January.

It's something that couldn't make school administrators and students happier.

"It's just a little bit more personal and there are some students who will respond better than they will just on the internet".

As part of the deal, Albertville High will also teach a class for access. Their course: economics.