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Guntersville Police and Fire Departments consider cutting services to some areas

One Valley city is exploring the possibility of scaling back its police and fire coverage.

Guntersville Fire and Police cover 3 miles past their city limits, and now the city council in Guntersville is considering cutting that out.

The Guntersville Police and Fire Departments have their hands full covering a large area: from near Albertville to past Lake Guntersville State Park to Union Grove Road to the Honeycomb area.

Mayor Bob Hembree said, "the city of Guntersville is unique in that we cover almost half of the county when you take in our jurisdiction."

Mayor Bob Hembree says the city currently covers 3 miles outside the city limits; but, now they're weighing the pros and cons of stopping at the line, which many cities opt to do.

Money is always an issue.

Hembree said, "We're looking at the cost and we're looking at the income that is brought in from the jurisdiction."

Right now, the city gets tax revenue from the jurisdiction. If the city stopped serving those 3 miles, they'd lose that money.

Should they choose to go that route, Mayor Hembree said no one would be left vulnerable.

"You have volunteer fire departments that serve a lot of this area. The Sheriff's Department patrols it and covers it. So, you know they have coverage. And certainly if the city did it, we would have a good neighbor policy, where if we were available we would respond. We just wouldn't be the first response."

The council is expected to decide on the police and fire coverage before October 1.

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