Furniture Fire cause remains a mystery

Furniture Fire cause remains a mystery

Smoldering even today, what once was Butler's Furniture is still being checked out. Now the top state investigators are in Athens sifting through the debris and searching for a cause.

State Fire Marshall Edward S. Paulk said, "The investigation is on going and it's progressing nicely."

This was once considered a historical part of this town.  And locals just want to know what happened.

"We're still in the process of determining where the fire started and what caused it."

That process has them checking into everything.

"It's cooled down and we've been able to get in there. We're in the process of probably finalizing the scenic examination today and we'll be waiting on some laboratory results, from samples taken and things of that nature."

Even after all this time, the smoky remains have a tale to tell and investigators are the ones to interpret it.

"I think we'll have an update, probably by the end of next week."