Water spills through valley neighborhood

Water spills through valley neighborhood

Wednesday night's flash floods left residents of one Huntsville neighborhood worried it will happen again. Some believe development and road expansion may be to blame for a drainage backup.

Torrential rainfall in a short time caused ditches to spill over, roads to flood and neighborhoods to go under.

Wednesday night's flash flooding left a mess behind at Jeff and Risha Garrard's Huntsville home.

"We know that the whole underside of the house was flooded. The duct work for the air conditioner unit knocked down," says Jeff Garrard.

You can see how high the water got.

Take a look at Garrard's fence line.

"It looks about 3 feet maybe 2 1/2 where we are standing now. It was up short of the top step here," says Garrard.

Inside there was another wet mess.

Water spilled through the bottom floor from the outside, leaving a muddy line around walls and doors.

A mop and bucket used by the Garrards to dry up water sits nearby, while a cleaning crew uses special equipment to sop up left over moisture.

The Garrards have lived here 3 years and its never flooded before.

They believe it has something to do with this drainage ditch.

City engineer Marty Calvert does too.

"The pipe under the railroad is probably not large enough to take the flow coming down the ditch so it backs up from the pipe," says Huntsville City Engineer Marty Calvert.

Calvert believes that's what caused the Garrards neighborhood to flood.

It could happen again.

"You can't guarantee if they are in a low lying area they won't flood. There's always a larger storm we haven't seen," says Garrard.

Calvert says the only way to fix the problem is to build more pipes to allow a better flow of water.