Tow truck driver saves family from flood waters

Tow truck driver saves family from flood waters

Right place.

Right time.

A tow truck driver saves a father and little girl after there car became stranded in high waters.

"The rain was just pouring down last night. Water was probably about 3 feet deep out there," says Doug Turbeville.

Doug Turbeville was out in the middle of Wednesday night's flash flooding.

Heavy rains caused part of Meridian Street in Huntsville to flood, making it look more like a river.

A car trying to drive through the high waters got stuck.

"The next thing I know me and a buddy of mine drove a truck in there and pulled them out. Water came into his floor board beside his car," says Turbeville.

Turbeville works as a tow truck driver and he happened to be in the right place when someone needed help.

"That was my main concern. Get in there and get the baby girl out first. Got them out. Water was here. Up to my knees," says Turbeville.

The rising water didn't stop many drivers from trying to make it across flooded roads.

Turbeville says that's a dangerous risk no one should take.

"The way I look at it, if you can't see the road don't try to go through it. You never know your car could stall anything can happen," says Turbeville.