Saturday, October 6th

  7:00 a.m. - 11:00  a.m.

Sponsored by Unity Church on the Mountain

& Interfaith Mission Service (IMS)


Multicultural Center, 604 Jordan Lane, NW (just to the north of Holmes Avenue on the east side)

Circulation Day: Increasing the flow of "good"

circulating in your life

This year is Unity Church on the Mountain's Third Annual Circulation Day and it has now grown to include the Interfaith community represented by IMS.  We invite everyone to participate in it. You really don't have to donate a single item to this event, but you are welcome to take that which you need. Just realize that you are a Child of God worthy of the gifts of the Kingdom. God's Good is flowing to and through you.

We invite IMS member congregations to support this activity by publicizing it to their Congregations.  We ask people to donate in the spirit of "circulation" and to receive also.  Tax deductions certificates will be available on site when donations are delivered.

If congregations in other parts of town would like to have their own "circulation day" activity we ask that you let us know so they can all be publicized together.  Ads will be placed in the Yard Sale section of the HSV Times the week prior.

The simplest one sentence description is FREE YARD SALE.  The spiritual implications for participants are deep and powerful.

Anyone wishing to drop off items at the church may do so on Friday, Thurs & Friday Oct 4 & 5,  between 9AM & 5 p.m.  and very early on Sat., Oct 6.  We are accepting toys, clothing, household items. Please note that there is VERY limited assistance with very large items.

 If there is anything left over from Circulation Day, it will be donated to the Breaking Free Rescue Mission.