UFO 'sightings' in Fyffe

UFO 'sightings' in Fyffe

The heat is not stopping spectators from enjoying all outdoor activities. The 3rd annual UFO Days are taking place this weekend in Fyffe in DeKalb County.

The event gets its title from a time in the late 80s when more than 50 people in the town reported UFO sightings.

WAFF 48's Eric Sollman with more on the out-of-this- world experience .

If you are looking for good fun, good food and maybe a good folly, Fyffe might just be the place for you this weekend.

Here's a sampling of what festival goers tell us.

"I come to the UFO Festival primarily to see the balloons, they are real colorful, real flames coming out of them."

"I think there could be something to the UFOs but it's always intriguing to think that there might be something to it."

The only flying objects you will see here are easily identified. One soaring spectacle for spectators, the giant purple people eater.

While the hovering aircraft may not get ufoligists worked up, it certainly grasps the imaginations of the youth, and the young at heart.

UFO in this case isn't a prefix for un-identified flying object, but an unforgettable family outing.