Gas leak near Valley park

Gas leak near Valley park

Steeped with more than 100 years of history, Union Park sits just off a busy Gault Avenue in Fort Payne.

It's a place of tradition, a place to play, a place just to sit and relax.

"It's a big community gathering place, a lot of people use this park," says Barry Satterfield of Fort Payne.

Satterfield likes to cool off and sit in the park that sits right across the street from a gas station.

A state notification has indicated fuel from a pre-existing leak has caught the attention of the Alabama Department of Emergency Management.

ADEM officials say the state is currently removing a mixture of gasoline and soil from the site.

They say the leak's not new, it was detected about two years ago believed to be from an underground gasoline storage tank.

While the gas station has changed companies, the problem is still being looked at to find the extent of the contamination and if there are any health risks.

"I think that's a pretty serious situation, just my opinion is that something needs to be done about it, and it needs to be checked in to," adds Satterfield.

Council members tell our partners at the Times-Journal in Fort Payne that they could call the EPA if measures aren't taken to control the problem, but for now they'll stay in contact with the Alabama Department of Emergency Management.