Soldier from Jackson County in ICU

Soldier from Jackson County in ICU

A Valley soldier is fighting for his life. Not from injuries received in battle, but from a horrific accident on his base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

27-year-old Sgt. Adam Peacock, originally of Skyline in Jackson County, is in the Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Anyone who has had a loved one serve in a war knows the joy when they come home. It's a feeling they're finally safe.

It's something Hershel and Josephine McAllister experienced with their grandson, Sgt. Adam Peacock of the 101st Airborne Division.

He served 2 tours in Iraq as a mechanic.

"He didn't get a scratch over there. Then he come home and this happened," said Hershel McAllister, Sgt. Peacock's grandfather.

August 14th, Sgt. Peacock was riding a motorcycle in a convoy at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

A civilian on the base didn't see him and hit him, nearly tearing off his left leg.

It had to be amputated. There have been serious complications, which have resulted in 4 surgeries.

"They took it off right above his knee. And the muscle and the tissue just kept deteriorating, so they just kept moving up. And finally they had to go up to the hip," said Hershel McAllister.

His survival is uncertain. Doctors fear his kidneys could shut down.

It's heart-wrenching for Sgt. Peacock's grandparents, who never would've imagined their grandson would be fighting for his life afte coming back from war and just weeks before he was to ship out again.

"Last thing he'd say to us would be, 'Mamaw I love you,' when he'd leave. And up there in the hospital he'll tell me that still when he's not, you know, out," said Josephine McAllister, Sgt. Peacock's grandmother.

Sgt. Peacock is scheduled to have another surgery on Friday.

His grandparents pray it was be a successful one, and hopefully his last one.