Space Shuttle Endeavour lands safely

Space Shuttle Endeavour lands safely

Space Shuttle Endeavour has successfully touched down at Kennedy Space Center, concluding a 13-day mission to the International Space Station.

The seven astronauts are safely on the ground after concerns about Hurricane Dean cut their mission a day short.

Initially there were concerns the hurricane could head towards Houston and disable mission control.

Before there was Dean to worry about, officials investigated a softball-sized gouge in the shuttle's heat shield inflicted seconds after lift-off when foam broke away from the fuel tank and struck the shuttle.

After days of testing, NASA Chiefs decided not to repair the gouge, saying it poses no danger to the astronauts.

The crew completed four spacewalks to work on the space station. They installed a new beam and replaced a gyroscope.

Endeavour's voyage also marks the long-awaited flight of teacher in space, Barbara Morgan.

The shuttle program has 14 more missions scheduled before it ends in 2010.