Property tax increase vote today

Property tax increase vote today

One Valley city will head to the polls today to vote on a proposed property tax increase. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Crossroads Mall in Albertville, located just off Highway 431.

The additional property tax in Albertville would be used to fund school improvements, and the question of funding has been the big issue from the beginning.

Albertville residents will vote on a proposed six-mill property tax increase. An increase that, if passed, will be used to upgrade a deteriorating high school. If the property tax increase doesn t pass, the city council and school board could have to resort to an occupational tax or sales tax increase.

One resident said, "land tax is a hard thing for everybody who owns property, but the kids need a new school so whatever it takes. I think we need a new school and we'll probably vote yes."

However,  tax increases don't usually happen without opposition. In this case, 36 million dollars have to come from somewhere, but some residents say taxing property isn't the answer.

"Well not everyone has to pay it, it would have been much better on an automobile."

According to school officials, the upgrades will take about two years. Although some changes have already taken place, the rest hang on today's  decision at the polls.

The elderly and disabled may file for an exemption if the property tax passes. People who are currently exempt from paying property tax would not have to pay the new higher tax if it passes.