Decision to fire Williford upheld

Decision to fire Williford upheld

A civil service board has decided the fate of a Shoals police officer facing sexual harassment claims for the second time this year.

A hearing was held today for Florence police officer Pete Williford, who was fired then reinstated then fired again.

The board has decided to up-hold the chief's decision to fire Williford.

After a closed door hearing that lasted for seven hours.

The first claim against Williford was filed by a female employee back in May.

After an investigation, police Chief Rick Singleton chose to fire Williford.

After an appeal, the civil service board overturned the chief's decision and decided to reinstate and demote Williford from Deputy Chief to Lieutenant.

Florence city council chose to appeal the board's decision.

Both male and female employees came forward with eight new charges while Williford was on administrative leave.

Details were not released about the new charges, but we're told they were all related to harassment.

The chairperson of the civil service board said they chose to dismiss Williford based on evidence presented.

If Williford chooses to appeal, he will now have to go through the circuit court.