It's so hot.. churches opening doors to provide relief

It's so hot.. churches opening doors to provide relief

The temperature is one way to gauge how hot it is. People here in The Heart of the Valley have their own unique ways to measure the blistering weather.

The scorching temps have also had good Samaritans opening doors for those in need.

It's nearly too warm to work.  Too parching to play, in fact the sun's heat has been so hot it's hard to even sit outside.

"It's so hot that it's hotter than a fox in a forest fire," says Justin Dunn.

"It's so hot that I don't even need my bag to keep my pizza's good and hot," says Kathy Hunt.

"It's so hot it reminds of Baghdad when I was there in '03 and '04," Franklin Mullens says.

"it's so hot... cause it's summer time," says Brandon Gothard.

"It's so hot you gotta buy three bags of ice, one for your drinks, one for your head and one for you feet," Sharon Smith says.

It's so hot that Minister's like Mike Ratliff have opened their doors to those needing a cool place to stay.

"Particularly at times like these when so many people don't have the finances nor the resources to stay out of the heat," says Ratliff.

The First United Methodist Church in Albertville, like so many other churches across the state are providing relief to record high temperatures.

"There's places we can hang out and do what we need to do if people call," Ratliff says.

"Anyone that needs help certainly has the opportunity and the invitation to come and be a part of whatever we can offer that makes life better for everybody."

For now, we'll all have to bare the blistering heat, but for now a cool spot could be a quick fix for those who know how hot it really is.

"It's so hot that even the ice cubes are sweating," Ratliff added jokingly.