Did heat play role in two local deaths?

Did heat play role in two local deaths?

Triple digit temperatures in the Heart of the Valley may have contributed to two deaths in Morgan County.

Morgan County Coroner Russ Beard says the man, 64-year old Jerry B. Hays, of Lacey's Spring was found Monday and had been deceased for at least four days.

Fifty-nine year old Beverly Englund of Decatur was found Wednesday. Both had some health problems, but Beard says the weather likely played a pivotal role in their deaths.

"The one (Hays) in Lacey's Spring was found by a friend of a man he basically checked on him once a week and he'd been by on Monday and found he'd passed away," said Beard.

Beard says Hays had no air conditioner in his home, and temperatures inside were over 100 degrees. Triple digit temperatures were also found inside Englund's Decatur home. Beard says Englund had air conditioning but for health reasons, had it turned off.

"Check on our elderly, if you know someone who doesn't have air, or who needs water, liquids,  and I guess pray we get a break in the heat we're having," he said.

Beard reported both deaths Thursday to the State Department of Public Health, which is keeping count of heat-related deaths in Alabama.