Dogs found in deplorable conditions, owner arrested

Dogs found in deplorable conditions, owner arrested

Meet Lucky, a dog in DeKalb County.  He was rescued Monday when Sylvania Police went to this home to question Roger Dale Childers about an accident that happened near his residence.

Childers wasn't there, but four malnourished and neglected dogs were.

Chief Brad Gregg said "It made us mad. That was the first thing we noticed when we walked up. You could count all their ribs, hip bones protruding. There was no food or water anywhere on the place."

Lucky was found just a few days ago. At the time he was lifeless, and chained to a tree.

Chief Brad Gregg said, "The chain was directly around its neck. It's neck was cut where the chain was. And it didn't look like it had eaten in a good long while."

Lucky is recovering and has since put on a few pounds.  Another small dog was also rescued.

Yet another one found malnourished and bleeding. Police say it looked like it had been shot.

The dogs now have a good home and the SPCA is coming to get the last one, which is still at the residence.

Police arrested and charged Roger Dale Childers with 4-counts of animal cruelty, one for each dog.

They say it had been days since he was home and they don't know how long it had been since any of the dogs had access to food or water.

Chief Brad Gregg said, "If we hadn't taken the dogs, they probably would've died as hot as it is with no water."