Extreme heat affecting popular summer sports

Extreme heat affecting popular summer sports

Extreme heat is affecting some of summertime's most popular sports.

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Muscle Shoals is using extra precautions to help golfers withstand the weather.

Golf courses have had a drop in business with the recent scorching temperatures but Robert Trent Jones has a system in place to help players stay cool and healthy.

Golf Marshalls are driving around the trail with coolers.

They are spending the day providing golfers with hot weather essentials, including ice cold towels, water, and ice.

They also monitor the players while they're out on the course to make sure everyone is taking precautions.

A good thing for this trail, since it contains the Fighting Joe, which is one of the nation's toughest courses to conquer even in comfortable weather.

Officials with Robert Trent Jones say so far..so good.

At this point they haven't had any health scares.

"It's easy to dehydrate when it's this hot, you sweat so much. Make sure there's Powerade for them, which will replenish their electrolytes then get water on top of that. The cold towels help to keep them cool. They can actually wrap the cold towels around their neck, " says Jason Vaughn with Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail."

Of course the best time to hit the course is early morning or after midday.

Vaughn says even though there's help at the course, it's still important to come hydrated and prepared.