Crime Stoppers: What happened to Latauna Tipton?

Crime Stoppers: What happened to Latauna Tipton?

Last fall, WAFF 48 News was the only TV station on the scene when a body was found floating in the Tennessee River, near Spring Creek in Lawrence County.

We brought you the story, we told you about the victim.

But one piece of the puzzle is still missing.

A piece you may be holding in this week's WAFF 48 Crime Stoppers.

Her name is Latauna Rena Jackson Tipton.  She was 23 years old.  She was from the Huntsville-Madison County area.

Last October, a fisherman found her body floating in Spring Creek, near Courtland in Lawrence County.

She was found wearing nothing but a sock and some jewelry.

That jewelry being a watch and rope bracelet.

During this Investigators report back in November, Elizabeth Gentle asked TVA police Lt. Mark Walker about the identity of the victim.

That still wasn't known at that point.

He also made a plea for anyone who knew what happened to her.

Lt. Walker said, "We know there's somebody out there who knows something".

"Some friends and family and they deserve some closure. And the girl, if she was the victim of a criminal act, she deserves to have some justice".

The case is classified as a death investigation.

The cause of Tipton's death is still listed as "Undetermined".

That's where you come in.

If you know anything that might help investigators solve this case, your anonymous phone call to 53-Crime could earn you up to a thousand dollars in reward money.

Tips to 53-crime have already sent three people to jail this week.

Quaterius Maurice Flint has been arrested for allegedly throwing another person through a glass door.

Nicko Robinson has been arrested for theft of property and forgery.

And Herman Lee Owens has been arrested for allegedly promising to paint a house, taking money from his victim, then not painting it.

James Albert Johnson is still wanted for allegedly trafficking in cocaine.

And Deborah Johnson Obarr is wanted for allegedly stealing a checkbook from an apartment and writing checks all over town.

This week, Crimestoppers salutes Rocket City Federal Credit Union, Halsey Foodservice and Coates Transportation Group for their support.