Gilmore On The Issues

Gilmore On The Issues

Cutting Taxes

As Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore, cut 16 different taxes totaling $1.5 billion, created more than 250,000 new jobs and gave the state its lowest unemployment in 40 years. As Chairman of The Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce, Jim Gilmore led the national fight to block taxation on the internet and helped repeal federal communications taxes in place since 1898. As a candidate for President, Jim Gilmore supports efforts to reduce taxes including making the Bush tax cuts permanent. Jim Gilmore believes high taxes are too great a burden on the nation's economy and on working families. As President, he will work to close tax loopholes, reduce runaway spending and create jobs and opportunity to help end the nation's culture of dependence.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Jim Gilmore is, as are most Americans, a descendent of immigrants who came to this country legally to seek the American dream. And, he believes that dream should remain attainable for those who obey the law. However, there should be no amnesty for those who are in our country illegally. As a forceful advocate for homeland security, Jim Gilmore knows that we must secure America's borders to protect our country. We will not be able to deal successfully with those who are in our country illegally until we have secured our borders and stopped the entrance of additional illegals. We must re-examine our existing immigration laws and develop a better program for temporary workers as well as requiring employers to verify workers are here legally.

Defeating Terrorism in Iraq

As a former member of the U.S. military who volunteered to serve during the Vietnam era, Jim Gilmore is strongly committed to supporting America's troops in Iraq and around the world. As Governor, Jim Gilmore directed the state response when Virginia was attacked on 9/11. As President, Jim Gilmore will do what is necessary to defeat terrorism and to protect the vital interest of the citizens of the United States. Jim Gilmore supports increasing the number of troops as necessary to enforce civil order in Iraq and giving our military men and women a clearly defined mission that will allow them to defeat the terrorists who are threatening our security. Jim Gilmore strongly rejects the calls of those who demand a pullout of U.S. forces from Iraq on a fixed timetable because it would swiftly lead to chaos and America's defeat.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

Jim Gilmore is a member of the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors and has spent much of his life working to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Jim Gilmore believes the right to keep and bear arms is entitled to the same protection as every other amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Jim Gilmore believes gun ownership is based on the American tradition of personal responsibility and he is committed to protecting the rights of hunters, sportsmen and gun owners. As Governor, Jim Gilmore created Virginia Exile to put those illegally using guns in jail. His efforts as Attorney General and Governor, including the abolition of parole, truth in the sentencing of criminals and juvenile justice reform, reduced Virginia crime rates to a 25-year low. As President, Jim Gilmore will continue to work to get guns out of the hand of criminals and he will forcefully oppose any new controls on gun ownership.

Preserving Traditional Values

As Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore time and time again stood solidly for the sanctity of life and the preservation of traditional family values. Jim Gilmore's leadership led to successful legislation which he signed into law that created a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion, required parental notification for minors seeking an abortion and banned partial birth abortion. Jim Gilmore created the Virginia Abstinence Initiative and dramatically increased funding for adoption services. Jim Gilmore signed into law legislation banning human cloning and went to court to try to prevent the removal of a feeding tube and save the life of coma victim Hugh Finn. Jim Gilmore believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman and as President will oppose gay marriage and so-called civil unions.

Achieving Energy Independence

The United States today imports 60 percent of its oil, a situation that places our economy and our national security at risk.  Jim Gilmore believes we can do better!  As President, Jim Gilmore will launch a national energy independence project called American Energy Freedom, a NASA like effort to motivate and stimulate American ingenuity and technology using research and development tax incentives to help free our nation from its dependence on foreign oil within 25 years.  In the meantime, Jim Gilmore will push for steady and dramatic increases in domestic energy production and an increase in the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  Jim Gilmore also will support expanding our use of alternative fuels like ethanol, making dramatic improvements in battery technology for plug-in hybrid vehicles and the long-range development of hydrogen power for vehicles.