Voters to decide on tax for school

Voters to decide on tax for school

Voters in Albertville will head to the polls next week. The city is holding a referendum on a property tax hike. The money would be spent as funding for the new high school.

Construction is already underway, now city leaders just need a way to pay for it.

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fFor years albertville high school has been literally been falling apart. (vicki pirando 2:08:56) "This school was awful 25 to 30 years ago when I was here. And it needed to have been done then, and it definitely needs to be done now," said Vicki Pirando.

Finally, dreams of building a new high school are reality. But it'll take 2 years and $36 million.

"We're missing about a third of the funding," said Superintendent Dr. Ric Ayer.

Ayer says the city council has promised the money will come, but the question is now: From where will it come?

The council and school board feel the best option is a 6-mil property tax increase.

Ayer says comes to about $5 extra a month on a $100,000 house. Voters will decide August 21st. W

hile there is opposition, many say the new school is worth it. (vicki pirando 2:08:35)

"I think the biggest majority of people feel the same way, that it should pass definitely," said Pirando.

If it doesn't, Ayer says they could have to resort to an occupational tax or sales tax increase, which he says would be more painful for the people.

Wwe feel like a property tax is the most fair way and actually is the cheapest, has less impact on the individual as the others taxes would have, he said.