Barksdale's attorney concerned he can't get answers, FBI involvement possible

Barksdale's attorney concerned he can't get answers, FBI involvement possible

A whole lot of speculation, but so far, no concrete answers.

Was his condition self-inflicted, was an outside party involved, or did this all stem from a physical illness?

WAFF 48 Investigator Jeanie Powell got some different insight on Barksdale's situation.

The bottom line is WAFF 48 News can't yet say exactly what happened because we don't know and until a thorough investigation is complete we won't know.

We've heard from Kilby, the local sheriff's department, and the family.

But what does the man who defended Barksdale in court have to say?

Robert Tuten, Barksdale's attorney, says, "We certainly don't know what is rumor and what is fact at this point."

Tuten wasn't aware of the situation, nor was the family, until contacted by one of our reporters.

Calls were made to the Department of Corrections, the warden's office, and the legal department, and all Tuten could get was that an investigation had been launched.

"They made it very clear they were not going to release any information to me or the family."

Tuten says it is common for attorneys not be notified, but his concern is that he now can't get access to any information.

Family tells us Barksdale was found with a 108 degree fever, unresponsive.

They claim Barksdale's body is enduring a lot, extensive swelling, bleeding, and hip injuries to name a few.

They feel neglect played a role somehow and are suspicious.

Jeanie asked Tuten, "Family says he might not make it through the night, do you plan on taking any action?  What do you plan on doing?"

Tuten responded, "I've been in consultation with the family. I will tell you there have been some preliminary calls to the FBI about their possible involvement."

Whether he goes further will depend on what the internal investigation reveals and what Barksdale's family wishes.

Jeanie further said, "Your client too had a lot of enemies considering the nature of the crime.  Did he receive any threats?"

Tuten said yes, there were death threats.

The attorney brought up concerns over a local radio talk show with viewer call-ins during the time Barksdale entered his guilty plea.

"There were several calls to that station with comments like, 'That's fine. We'll take care of him when he gets to prison.'"

Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely says Barksdale was fine when he left his facility and has video surveillance that would disprove any theories an incident took place in his county.

Family did say Barksdale didn't encounter any problems while at Limestone County.

Corrections spokespersons tell us Barksdale does not have any broken bones, but is in a coma.

They also say there was no indication of any altercation at Kilby.