Athens residents to vote on wet-dry status

Athens residents to vote on wet-dry status

The people of Athens will vote Tuesday to decide if they want their town wet or dry.

It's an issue that seems to pit business profits from taxes against the morality of some Athens residents.

There are as many opinions on this issue as there are people in the town?

Cities like Athens have people who try to recruit local business to help the town grow. That's what Tom Hill does. He says if Athens were to revert to a dry city, a lot of money would be lost.

"I do believe it would have a detrimental effect to this area. We would not be perceived as a progressive community any longer," said Hill.

He says schools and the town have benefited from the sale of alcohol.

"Those that have located here with the option of a fine dining experience where they can serve wine with a meal might not be able to make it economically's" Hill said.

Giovanni's just moved into the downtown area. They are always busy. And like many upscale Italian restaurants, they serve wine.

"I think it's not going to pass, because it's brought a lot of revenue, and businesses have come to this town," said James Foster.

"Well I'm not surprised [for the re vote], because it was so close before. And I think people have seen the adverse effects of it," said Betty Pack.

"I'd like to see it go dry. And I think it would cut out all the drunk driving and be better for our children," said James Pack.

The vote will be held Tuesday in Athens.