S.C. pushes up primary; Iowa, N.H. likely to go earlier, too

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A move by South Carolina's GOP means some Republicans could be making their choices for a presidential candidate as early as December.

The state's GOP had penned in February 2nd for the vote, but then Florida disrupted the state's first-primary-in-the-south tradition by booking January 29th.

South Carolina Republicans hit back today, announcing their vote will come on January 19th.

The calendar hopping means other early states have to rework their dates.

By state law, New Hampshire will now have to move its primary to January 12th, at the latest.

And if New Hampshire moves, Iowa says it will move as well, meaning the traditional leadoff caucuses could be as early as mid-December.

New York and California were among the states that started the earlier voting trend, by moving their contests as they hope to play a greater role in picking nominees.