Update: Vandals force closure of local school

Update: Vandals force closure of local school

A Valley school is closed today after only the second day back.

Vandals broke into Westminster Christian Academy off of Evangel Drive in Huntsville.

The pranksters spread vegetable oil throughout the halls. They also threw streamers, balloons, and coke onto the floors, lockers and in one teacher's classroom.

School officials decided to close school for the day for fear of someone slipping on the vegetable oil.

Headmaster Craig Bouvier said, "We could have cleaned it up in time, but the police came and they wanted time to go through and so we allowed them that time, so basically gave our students the day off."

High School senior Brianna Corum said, "I was excited. I had a test today and a bunch of people already had homework, and I didn't want to go to school anyway, because I'm a senior and I'm ready to graduate."

School officials say the school will be back open tomorrow morning.

Huntsville Police detained three 18 year old graduates from the school about 6:40 a.m. today.

They were taken to the school where school administrators made the decision not to press charges with police, but to handle the "school prank that crossed the line" administratively.

There will be no criminal charges against the three graduates at this time.