Clinton, Obama take heat from rivals

Clinton, Obama take heat from rivals

CHICAGO (AP) - Appearing before 15,000 union activists at Chicago's Soldier Field, Democratic White House hopefuls roughed each other up.

The two front-runners, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, vigorously defended themselves against criticisms of their stands on terrorism and corporate influence.

Former Senator John Edwards said he would never be seen on the cover of Fortune Magazine, a dig at Clinton.

And Obama said U.S. trade agreements have tilted against workers because "corporate lobbyists" have had too much influence. That's the theme he's developed in recent days, especially when alluding to Clinton.

She said the other campaigns have been using her name "a lot" in the last few days but said that she has stood up for 15 years "against the right-wing machine."

The 90-minute debate was sponsored by the AFL-CIO. The stadium crowd was raucous and loud at times, cheering some candidates and interrupting others.