Haleigh Culwell's BFFL dreading starting school

Haleigh Culwell's BFFL dreading starting school

A Jackson County mother and daughter haven't been seen or heard from since June 21st.

Kim Whitton and 11-year-old Haleigh Culwell were reportedly last seen at their home in Section.

Haleigh was getting ready to start the 6th grade at Macedonia School.

School starts in Jackson County on Wednesday.

It's a dreaded day for some. One little girl says school won't be the same without her B.F.F.L., that's her Best Friend For Life.

Harley Plaiss has the supplies, but says she's hardly ready to start school without her best friend, Haleigh Culwell, in class.

In fact, she says Haleigh is her only friend.

"Hard not having a friend. (pause) It's too hard not to cry," said Harley Plaiss.

Haleigh and her mom, Kim Whitton, disappeared June 21st.

Searches for the two have turned up nothing.

"All I do is just want Haleigh found and Kim found. And I stop worrying. I just want them to go up to heaven," said Harley Plaiss.

Harley says she and Haleigh have been best buds since the 4th grade.

They both love animals and planned to be veterinarians and open a practice together.

They share everything, even jewelry.

"This bracelet I'm wearing is mine and Haleigh's. We wore it together and we share it together. (Reporter: Does it make you think of her?) Yeah, if I have it on I won't worry," said Harley.

Harley says she'll think of Haleigh every day of the 6th grade and she'll be wearing a purple ribbon to remind others of the friend that cannot be forgotten.

"Haleigh is my friend and she's always going to be my friend," tearfully said Harley Plaiss.

If you have any information on Haleigh and Kim's disappearance, please call the FBI tipline at 1-877-628-2533.