Community holds candlelight vigil to pray for missing mother and daughter

Community holds candlelight vigil to pray for missing mother and daughter

Friends, family, and neighbors gathered Saturday night for a candle light prayer service for a missing Jackson County mother and daughter.

Kim Whitton and her daughter, 11-year-old Haleigh Culwell haven't been seen or heard from in more than six weeks.

WAFF 48's Rachel Hardman was at Goosepond Colony Amphitheater in Scottsboro Saturday night and has the community's desperate plea to find a mother and her daughter.

Prayer... and lots of purple, Kim's favorite color.

About 150 to 200 people gathered to offer each other hope for the missing mother and daughter.

Haleigh's friend Harley Plaiss says, "Haleigh was my BFF, best friends for life. And we will always be."

Tammy Graden, who came to the vigil to show her support says, "We're here in remembrance of Kim and Haleigh. We're here, just supporting their family and praying for their safe return."

Further into the evening, balloons were released.

Attached to each, a picture of Kim and Haleigh with a number for law enforcement.

The hope: A balloon might land in the hands of someone with valuable information surrounding their disappearance.

And then, perhaps the most touching part of the ceremony, the candles were lit.

An underlying vow that Kim and Haleigh won't be forgotten and the search for them won't stop.

Kim and Haleigh's family say the night was truly a comfort and a blessing.

Sherri Compton, Kim's sister and Haleigh's aunt tells Rachel, "This is wonderful. We are very overwhelmed by the show of support for Kim and Haleigh and we appreciate it very, very much. And we thank everybody for coming out."