Actor returns home to give back to hometown

Actor returns home to give back to hometown

A well-known actor from the Shoals has returned home with a mission to make a difference.

Actor Cedric Pendleton, a native of Florence, currently has a role on the TBS show House of Payne. He's also had re-occuring roles on CSI New York and The Shield.

He uses unique ways to create life-changing opportunities for children.

WAFF Reporter Stephanie Hoffler caught up with Pendleton in his hometown of Florence at NuLook barbershop.

When he's home he gives out a lot more than just autographs he helps to change lives.

"My brother and I have come back to this area 4 times at different interval to teach our skills and to give back but now we want to do is establish it more as a concrete type of entity." says Pendleton.

That entity is a bi-annual summer arts festival.

It will feature entertainers from all over the nation who will pass down knowledge and education to children in the Shoals.

"I guess the reason why I'm so attached to kids and exposing them to things they haven't seen is because I know what it did to me, it left an impact." says Pendleton.

And he's passing it along to others.

"He's definitely very very humble. He share with us some of the things he had gone through and some of his mistakes he made in the beginning just to give us some guidance." says one of Pendleton's students Brittany Lesinger.

Pendelton's visionary plans combined with heartfelt investment spreads an important message.

"It's not about the cars, the money, it's not about the clothes. It's about leaving our mark on history and influencing someone else." adds Pendleton.