B.B. Comer Bridge has sufficiency rating of 7.7 out of 100

B.B. Comer Bridge has sufficiency rating of 7.7 out of 100

The bridge collapse in Minnesota is raising awareness of bridge safety.

240 bridges in Alabama are classified as "structurally deficient."

One of those bridges is the infamous B.B. Comer in Scottsboro.

It was given a rating of 7.7 out of a possible 100.

According the Department of Transportation, likely the biggest problem for the B.B. Comer is it's width. People who use the bridge every day agree.

"It's not wide enough really for two lanes," said Jim Fischer.

"I drive in the middle of the bridge when I go across. I don't like for anybody to even pass me on the bridge," said Elizabeth Fischer.

Despite the low 7.7 rating, the D.O.T. says the bridge is safe.

Although things like deterioration are taken into consideration, they say the rating isn't an indicator of structural integrity.

It's used to decide how eligible a bridge is to receive money for repairs or replacement.

The B.B Comer is obviously very eligible. In fact, plans are underway to replace it.

But a lot has changed since the bridge was built in 1930.

If 77-years old sounds old just wait until you factor in inflation.

In 1930, it cost $435,000 to build the bridge. It will cost $35 to $40 million to replace it today.

The B.B. Comer will stay in service until the new bridge is built, which will take about 4 years.

The D.O.T. says the first phase of construction will be starting very soon.

The B.B. Comer is being inspected about once a year.

D.O.T. officials say if they felt the bridge was in danger of collapsing, they would put weight restrictions on it, or close it altogether.