Who would impound law really target in North Alabama?

Who would impound law really target in North Alabama?

On-the-spot vehicle confiscation.  Officers could soon impound your vehicle for not showing a license or proof of insurance.

Tuesday's agenda consisted of cranking out more details. The discussion? An ordinance that would allow officers to impound the vehicles of uninsured or unlicensed drivers.

"Over 10,000 drivers in 2005 and 2006 that our officers stopped that did not have a drivers license," says Chief Rex Reynolds, with The Department of Public Safety.

No license...no insurance...no problem? Right?

Despite the lack of butts in the seats Thursday, everyone has there if's and's or but's on who a new impound law would effect the most, and if it's a back-door attempt aimed at the Hispanic population.

"I had to pay 8,000 dollars and it was an illegal person who did it, and I'm out," said Councilman Glenn Watson.

"From a legal standpoint our officers are not allowed to impound cars that are un-insured, state law does not allow that, we site those individuals for not having insurance and they proceed on their way," says Reynolds.

Under the ordinance a registered owner would still have to show up to the police department to claim that vehicle.

While nothing's official, Hispanics like Rosa Toussaint says there are some suspicious kink's in the proposed program.

"The computer shows if you do have a driver's license you don't get impounded, that showed me that it was all about the illegals," says Toussaint.

But Jackie Reed says it shouldn't matter.

"If I have to have it, they have to have it, so whatever it takes for them to get it, their going to have to look into getting it," says Reed.

If you leave your license at home, you won't necessarily lose your ride, officer's may have your information on their in-car computers.

If your car is impounded you will have to show a valid registration to pick it up, you won't have to show a proof of insurance.

Everything's in it's early stages.