Teachers attend summer camp too

Teachers attend summer camp too

Most of us are accustomed to seeing our kids head off to camp during the summer, but did you know that teachers also have a camp especially for them?

WAFF 48's Bobby Shuttleworth visited such a camp and found, while it may be for teachers and guidance counselors, the students will also benefit.

These students find the funny bone when getting harnessed and ready to move heavy equipment.

It doesn't matter how big or little, strong or weak.

"Aerospace is what we're doing right now and the welding and the tools. Rather than your 4 year colleges, your 2 year alternative options," says Connie Cambron.

This Decatur Heritage math and physics teacher is learning just how much her lessons relate to this work. 1

"There's a lot of math in this stuff and a lot in these classes and I think being afraid of math is not a good thing, but it's not a hard thing," says Cambron.

She's even learning about the wages to be made in these jobs.

"They make a lot better than teachers do," says Cambron.

"I place students in cooperative education where they go to school half a day and work half a day in machine tool technology, engineering and drawing and business marketing," says Angela Cushing.

Teachers are getting first-hand experience they can take back to their high schools and they can talk about career opportunities to their students.

And sponsors like BP help.

"They are investing in their own community and for the reason they want trained workers to come from that local community," says Jim Swindell.

Teachers say this camp will be really beneficial when they try to explain to students what's out there in the job market and what type jobs are available.