Williford fired again

Williford fired again

A Florence Police Department Deputy Chief who was recently fired then reinstated for sexual harassment has been fired again.

There are some new allegations against Pete Williford and they're coming from co-workers within the Florence Police Department in Lauderdale County.

This decision comes just days before Williford was set to return to work stemming from new complaints filed by both men and women.

Few details have been released, but we're told the complaints are related to harassment issues.

Williford was originally fired last May after a female co-worker filed a sexual harassment claim.

Williford appealed his firing to the civil service board.

They decided to reinstate Williford, but demote him to lieutenant.

Following that decision, the Florence City Council voted to appeal Williford's reinstatement to circuit court.

Since that time, numerous new complaints have been filed, prompting Chief Singleton to investigate and take action again.

"Personally, what I want to do is get to bottom of it and get it resolved. You know, I have expressed once again to the employees of the police department that this department will not tolerate harassment or retaliation in any form or fashion,"  says Florence Police Chief Rick Singleton.

Williford will remain on administrative leave with pay, pending another appeal with the civil service board.

He also has the option to appeal with the circuit court.