No license could equal no car

No license could equal no car

No driver's license could equal no car.

Several Valley cities are talking about passing a law that would take non-licensed drivers and their vehicles off the streets.

Huntsville City Council is meeting about the plan right now.

Decatur, Madison, and Athens are considering similar no-license crackdowns.

Albertville has already passed such a law and now Huntsville is looking at doing the same

If you drive without a valid driver's license and you're caught by police, some cities will soon have the authority to take your car away from you.

Huntsville City Councilman Bill Kling says there is an increasing problem with unlicensed drivers causing wrecks, especially among illegal immigrants.

"I hear more about this type problem than any other issue right now," says Kling.

That's why the city is considering an ordinance that would force non licensed drivers to hand over their vehicles to police.

Kling says it may be the only way to cut down on bad accidents, injuries and property loss.

"Basically what it does if there is a car wreck or speeding whatever police department finds out the driver whether illegal immigrant or American citizen with no drivers license car gets impounded on the spot."

Huntsville City Council just started a work session to discuss the proposal.

Eric Sollman will have more on what's discussed tonight at 10.