Building burglars visit construction site

Building burglars visit construction site

Madison County is experiencing a building boom.

But some building burglars are slowing things down a bit at one construction site.

You can help break-up these break-ins.

At left there is a picture of the man Madison police want to see in person.

The suspect is seen on surveillance camera getting out of his small white car at the construction site of an office complex on Madison Boulevard.

Then you can see him with a crow bar in his hand, having already pried open one of the doors.

But he's still working his way in. Why?

Since it had been broken into several times, five times since January, they had put up plywood.

He was able to make it through the sheet of plywood that was up that day.

They've since added another sheet of plywood and reinforced it with planks to make sure he doesn't make it in again.

But hopefully, these pictures will keep him from breaking in again.

He's a white man wearing jeans, a white shirt and a cap.

Oddly enough, he only made it off with some inexpensive paint supplies: Poles, trays and a roller.

Copper was stolen in some of four other burglaries.

Hopefully you can slam the door on this string of burglaries.

And you can do it with the simple lift of a finger.

Use that finger to dial 53-crime.

You'll remain anonymous, and you could earn a reward of up to a thousand dollars.

Ronald Ray Langford is wanted for five counts of fraudulent use of credit cards.

Christopher Wade Hall didn't rent a vehicle. He allegedly stole one.  He's wanted for failing to return a vehicle to Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Matthew Robert Porter is wanted for allegedly snatching a purse from his victim's shopping cart at Wal-Mart.

Byran Theodore Bruegge wanted for theft of property.

And Lennoris Theron Tompkins is wanted for allegedly duct-taping his ex-girlfriend to a chair and beating her.

This week, we salute Cinram, the Wal-Mart on Drake Avenue and American Pawn and Jewelry for supporting Crime Stoppers.