Trial for man accused of killing Grant Police Chief stays in Marshall County

Trial for man accused of killing Grant Police Chief stays in Marshall County

In a surprising turn of events, a change of venue in the slaying of Grant Police Chief Verlon Lemaster has been retracted.

Chief Lemaster's family couldn't be happier.

"Ecstatic, wonderful. You know, I couldn't say anything else. I'm just grateful," said his daughter, Valerie Lemaster.

Chief Lemaster's daughter speaks for the family when she says Tuesday brought the only good news they've seen in four years.

Chief Lemaster was shot several times while serving a juvenile pick-up order on August 15, 2003.

Brian Butler and Jerid Eldridge are behind bars charged with capital murder.

Last year a judge granted a change of venue, saying they couldn't receive a fair trail in Marshall County because of all the publicity.

It was moved to St. Clair County.

"Taking it out of town, it was a blow to everybody," said Valerie Lemaster.

Brian Butler's trial was set to start September 17th in Pell City.

But this week the defense asked for more time to prepare, saying they would withdraw their request for a change of venue if the date could be pushed back.

The family and prosecution agreed.

The new trial date is November 13th in the very county Chief Lemaster died.

"I'm thankful that we're not having to travel two hours away to, you know, to help Brian out. It would have been a real big burden on us to have to travel and to make arrangements for all of our jobs and all of our situations, especially to get my grandfather there. It really would've been. And this is just an easier way for us to keep on with our daily lives," said Valerie Lemaster.

A trial date has not been set for Jerid Eldridge.

According to the Marshall County District Attorney's office, the location for that trial is still up in the air.