Federal inmates expected to be incarcerated in Decatur

Federal inmates expected to be incarcerated in Decatur

Federal inmates could soon be on their way to Decatur.

A new agreement by the sheriff clears the way for Morgan County to house federal prisoners.

This is considered a deal for the county, because Morgan County has a new building to house those inmates and this deal will help pay some bills.

Morgan County's new state-of-the-art jail opened last summer with a $23 million price tag, but a new contract signed by the sheriff will help a little with those bills.

"The sheriff has entered into an agreement with federal authorities to house the federal inmates here at the Morgan County facility," says Mike Corley.

The agreement is for $40 each day per inmate.

"County commission has chosen to earmark their 50 percent after expenses for the bond coming due in the yearly installment on the debt of the jail."

The contract is for a 3-year period.

"This is certainly a good thing for Morgan County, this is the citizens and the taxpayers jail and the county commission has....this is a win-win. We'll be able to fund better training and make it easier for us to have funds earmarked for the 50 percent from the sheriff's office to update equipment."

Corley says they will start out with about 20 inmates, but that can go up if there is space available.

There's no word yet when those prisoners could start arriving.