Teen jailed on vandalism charges

Teen jailed on vandalism charges

A Florence teenager is jailed on charges he vandalized the municipal golf course by spray painting racial slurs at Blackberry Trail before a tournament that involved minority golfers.

Florence police said 18 year old Jake Adam White was booked yesterday on charges criminal mischief and burglary charges.

According to event organizers, the spray-painting incident angered many of the golfers, some of whom left the golf course before tournament activities were completed Saturday.

James Barnett, a member of the Muscle Shoals Golf Association, which sponsored the event, called the incident an "embarrassment." He said 120 golfers participated, with most from Huntsville, Decatur, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Columbia, Tennessee.

White also faces five counts of criminal mischief.

Florence Mayor Bobby Irons said he met with members of the golf association and apologized.

A parks and recreation official said about $5,500 worth of damage was done at the golf course.