Grandmother, children escape trailer explosion

Grandmother, children escape trailer explosion

A grandmother and her grandkids are counting their blessings after a fire put them out of house and home.

It happened at the K and K Trailer park off Highway 35 in Scottsboro on Tuesday.

The mobile home was labeled a total loss.

The cause of the fire still under investigation.

Fire officials say the blaze most likely started as an electrical fire from a fuse box.

Kaitlyn Wildman and her brother were inside with their grandmother when they heard her yell.

"She said there's a fire," said Wildman.

Kaitlyn, her brother and grandma all made it out of the house just before they heard an explosion.

"It scared me a lot, and I was all calm, but when it blew up tears just started running down my face," Wildman says.

How did this blaze go from minor combustion to wall-busting eruption?

The clues may be everywhere but the trailer.

Many homes have oxygen tanks across the Heart of the Valley.

When this home caught fire, their oxygen tank exploded and threw debris.

You could see some of that debris embedded in a neighbors storage shed.

"The explosion caused the spread of the shrapnel throughout the neighbors yards," says Scottsboro Fire Marshal Chuck Bryant.

There were no injuries.

The trailer was uninsured, and sure it's seen better days, but thankfully Kaitlyn, her brother and grandma will as well.

"I'm glad nobody got hurt, I'm very glad about that," Wildman added.