To Catch a Predator joins forces with Morgan County authorities

To Catch a Predator joins forces with Morgan County authorities

WAFF 48's To Catch a Predator moves to Morgan County this week.

Morgan County is responsible for about 170 offenders.

That number will eventually be increased by around 40.

Those 40 represent criminals in prison who upon release are set to live in the county.

But right now the sheriff's office has narrowed the unaccounted offenders down to three.

And they're counting on you to help them.

Scott Leon Roden is 45 years old and has a collection of tattoos, including a Playboy bunny, a deck of cards and whiskey bottle.

Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett says, "He's a multi-offender.  He has not registered."

He was convicted in 1998 of sexually abusing a little girl who was only seven-years-old.

But Bartlett says that's not his only crime.

Fifteen years ago Roden was charged in Hartselle with sexually abusing two small children.

That's why it's so important that authorities find him, so he doesn't do this to an innocent child again.

Bartlett says, "I think as long as he's on the streets he'll reoffend. No doubt in my mind."

Roden is wanted for failing to register bi-annually.

The WAFF 48 Investigators made a visit to Falkville, which is the last known address that Roden gave authorities.

We were also accompanied by two sheriff's deputies.

Because a sign on the tree on the property says "No Trespassing," we couldn't go past the gate.

The deputies could, though, because they have an active warrant out for Roden's arrest. They found no signs that anyone was home.

It appears some of the property is for sale on Days Gap Road.

When we called that number and talked to the owner he said Roden rented from him at one time, but that ended a year ago, when he didn't pay.

The owner told us he's notified authorities about some property that went missing during Roden's stay.

Roden could be in Florence, resident shouldn't rule any location out.

Fornoria Brown, age 24, was convicted in late 2006 of raping a 13-year-old girl.

He's allegedly failed to register and notify his intent to move.

We traveled to the address on 6th Avenue SW in Decatur that he gave police.

The resident who lives there now and has since December says she still gets Brown's mail.

She also tells us not long ago, about six police officers showed up at her home looking for the sex offender.

A next-door neighbor could not place his face.

WAFF 48 Investigator Jeanie Powell asked, "How long have you lived here?"

The neighbor replied, "A year and a half."

Jeanie continued, "Fornoria Brown doesn't ring a bell?"

The neighbor shook her head no.

Authorities say Brown might have moved to Georgia.

We also are looking for 36-year-old Billy Ray Walker Jr. who sexually assaulted a 16-year-old female.

His last known location was Lot 14 on Horseshoe Lane in Lacey's Spring.

Jeanie asked the woman who lives at Lot 14 if she knew him.

She said she did and he used to live behind her, but that's been almost a year ago and she doesn't know where he is now.

Be sure to call (256) 351-4800 and ask for Mandy with any information.

There's also good news for Morgan County... commissioners have agreed to back funds for more manpower when it comes to overseeing sex offenders.