How Kim Whitton met Barry Whitton, and whether or not she knew his past

How Kim Whitton met Barry Whitton, and whether or not she knew his past

Barry Whitton has been indicted for being a convicted felon in possession of 5 firearms.

He's currently in federal custody and will be arraigned in U.S. District Court in about 2 weeks.

Whitton was arrested July 12th after his property was searched in connection with his wife and step-daughter's disappearance.

Kim Whitton and 11-year-old Haleigh Culwell were last seen June 21st at their home in Jackson County.

Barry Whitton has been named a suspect in their disappearance.

He was also a suspect in his first wife's murder.

Michelle Whitton was found beaten to death in a shallow grave in January of 1998.

To this day the murder is unsolved.

A little more than a year after Michelle was murdered, Barry Whitton remarried.

"His friends had put his name in one of those little buy/sell/trader like magazines telling him he needed to find somebody after Michelle's death. Kim was lonely and she just saw his name in there and she contacted him. And they met and they just hit it off. And they got along really well and Haleigh really liked him," said Kim's sister, Sherri Compton.

Compton says they married 4 to 6 months later in Gatlinburg, but there was one thing that personal ad didn't reveal.

Kim lived in Blount County, which is in the Birmingham viewing area.  Her family says they nor Kim knew about Michelle.

"No, not until after they were married," Compton said.

Kim's family says she loved Barry, believed he was innocent and stayed with him.

But now after 8 years of marriage, Kim and her 11-year old daughter, Haleigh, are missing.

Barry has been called a suspect in their disappearance. That, combined with the fact he's not the one that reported them missing and his first wife was mysteriously murdered, has the family taking a close look at Barry.

"It makes you wonder if he did it the first time, did he do something with Kim and Haleigh? Does he know where Kim and Haleigh is? I personally am to the point that I just want their bodies back so we can bury them. It's just something in me that feels like I'm not ever going to see them again," said Compton.

Kim's sister says as far as they knew, Kim and Barry were happy.

She also says there were no outward signs she was abused.

Kim's co-workers and friends have started a purple ribbon campaign for Kim and Haleigh.

They're asking you to wear purple ribbons, put them on your home, car or business to remind people to pray for the missing mother and daughter.

There's also a candlelight prayer service this weekend.

It's Saturday, August 4th, at the Goosepond Colony Amphitheater in Scottsboro.

There'll be free food, singing and guest speakers starting at 6 o'clock. The candles will be lit at sundown.