Ammonia leak at Valley plant forces evacuation

Ammonia leak at Valley plant forces evacuation

A Valley plant was evacuated in the middle of the night after a chemical leak is found and remained closed throughout the day.

Officials say an ammonia leak was found around 3:30 a.m. inside one of the buildings at Wayne Farms in Decatur.

Wayne Farms is a chicken processing plant located on plugs road just off Highway 20.

Immediately the plant was evacuated and HAZMAT crews from Decatur Fire and Rescue were called out as a precaution.

The leak was contained to the inside of one of the buildings on the compound.

"Plant management had evacuated the building and they were waiting on us in the parking lot at the front gate. They advised us they had the source of the ammonia turned off and it was just a matter of ventilating the building," said Bill pettey.

First shift employees and delivery trucks were kept at bay until the all clear signal was given.

There were no injuries reported because of the leak.