Pond contaminated by dead cow

Pond contaminated by dead cow

Some residents in a Shoals neighborhood say the pond they swim in is contaminated, not with typical litter or pond scum, but with a large dead animal.

Neighbors on Mill Creek Road in Cherokee in Colbert County say a dead cow has been floating in the water for more than a week.

Residents have had no luck in getting the cow removed.

Before this, some even drank from the water.

Neighbors who live near the murky pond say it didn't always look like this.

The water was clear, they could swim in it, and filter it for drinking.

A cow has been floating on the pond for several days.

It just recently sank to the bottom, but the smell in the air and pollution in the water is a reminder that it's still in there.

Residents say they wish whoever was responsible would clean it up so they can go back to enjoying the water.

It's unclear whether or not the cow died in the water or if it was dumped there after it died.

"I don't think it's fit for swimming in fact I think it's dangerous. There's snakes in there, I've seen a cottonmouth in it myself. I don't think that if they're gonna use it for swimming then they need to clean it out," says resident Clayton Craig.

Some say in the past, the owner has warned residents they were no longer allowed swim or drink from the water.

Phone calls to the State Department of Health and the owner of the property were not immediately returned.